Celebration 2000 Concert Featuring Sting, Enrique Iglesias Canceled

Celebration 2000, the New Year's Eve concert in New York City that was to feature Sting, Enrique Iglesias, Aretha Franklin, Andrea Bocelli, and Tom Jones has been canceled due to poor ticket sales.

The "New York Daily News" has reported that the gala, which was to take place at the Jacob Javits Center, was nixed because fans were apparently unwilling to shell out the big bucks needed to get into the event, as ticket prices ranged from $1,000 to $3,000 per person.

The Celebration 2000 show becomes the latest Y2K casualty, as Jewel pulled the plug on her December 31 concert in Anchorage, Alaska earlier this week (see "Jewel Cancels Plans For New Year's Show").

The producer of the Celebration 2000 event, Steve Leber, said that he hoped to stage a smaller show with just Sting, Franklin, and Bocelli, though he had yet to make arrangements to find a suitable venue for such a concert.

Tickets for that show will

also be rather steep, ranging in price from $75 to $375.

-- David Basham