Monifah Discusses Branching Out Beyond Heavy D Collaborations

It's well-known that Monifah was first discovered by rapper Heavy D, who produced most of the tracks on the singer's 1996 debut, "Moods... Moments," but when it came time to assemble cuts for her new album, "Mo'hogany," Monifah realized she was faced with a difficult decision.

Despite her loyalty to Heavy D, the singer wanted to branch out and work with other producers and associates, but admitted to the MTV Radio Network that she had a hard time telling her close friend and collaborator.

"We had a tough time because it was like breakin' away from my daddy," Monifah explained, "[so I said], 'Heav, OK, you can do half the album but you can't do everything.' I was like, 'Honey, I have to work with other people because they're gonna bring out something different in me. I wanna do that. I need to do that."

Monifah eventually hooked up with the likes of Queen Latifah, Mario Winans, Rapahel Saadiq and Monifah's up-and-coming labelmate Jack Knight, who produced her current hit single,

"Touch It."

Monifah has yet to decide if she will launch a solo tour later this year.