Mase Praises Harlem World's "Cult" Of Celebrity

Mase has just issued Harlem World's "The Movement" as the first album to be released via his All Out Records label, and the fledgling rap mogul has also produced the group's first single, "I Like It," which is built around a sample of New Edition's "Popcorn Love."

Harlem World features Mase's twin sister Stase and brother Blinky-Blink taking verbal spins on the mic, and Mase talked about his predictions for the sibling group when he joined Harlem World during a recent visit to MTV's Times Square studios.

"I would say Harlem World is a cult," Mase said, "and at the end we're gonna have everybody believin'."

"As for [another] Harlem World project,"
offered the group's Loon, "well, we're looking forward to doing another album, like right after this. As soon as this album's over, we're going to get right back together as a group and do a second album,

even hotter than this one."

Others pitching in on the "Harlem World" album include Kelly Price, Nas and producer Jermaine Dupri. The group hopes to launch its first major tour in late spring or early summer.