Corey Glover Spreads The Love

As Corey Glover, the former frontman for Living Color, prepares to head out on the road in support of "Hymns," his solo debut album, the singer finds himself branching out into a new area of his life brought on by songs he claims are of "inspiration and aspiration."

As the title suggests, Glover, who spent close to four years working on the project, uses the album to deal with the many levels and incarnations of spirituality, a point that was driven home to him by his relatives.

"I come from a long line of preachers," Glover said in an interview with the MTV Radio Network, "my grandfather was a preacher and people in my family are all jack-leg store front preachers. And the concept originally for the record was that the name of it would be 'Reverend Daddy Love's Hymns,' like he was talking about these things."

The inherent spirituality of the new record might lead some to think of "Hymns" as a departure from the more consciousness-raising material of Living Colour,

although Glover believes the two are just different sides of the same coin, with his live performance being the point at which the two meet.

"I've always said that your life," he continued, "as it is, is a political statement. But it's also a divine statement as well, and that how you live it and how you ascertain who you are and move forward in your life is a spiritual quest. And to seek out yourself is to seek god."

"My creativeness is my bond with my creator," Glover said, "And if you've ever seen anything I might do live, there's a point at which something else takes over, and Corey says, 'Buh-bye,' and Reverend Daddy Love steps in and he takes over, and I'm channeling whoever or whatever spirit that is." [900k QuickTime]

As we previously reported (see "Living Colour Frontman Corey Glover Gets Soulful On Solo Album"), "Hymns," which Glover collaborated on with V. Jeffrey

Smith and Peter Lord of the Family Stand, will be released on May 19.