Gary Glitter's Last Stand?

December 22 [13:00 EDT] -- Gary Glitter's U.K. tour wrapped up in front of 8000 glam fans Sunday night in Manchester, England, and it may have been the fans last chance to see him perform live on tour. Glitter billed his 25th Anniversary road trip as "A Night Out With The Boys -- Could This Be The Last Time?"

Britain's Press Association reports that Glitter, dressed in a silver jumpsuit with his trademark huge shoulderpads and high hair, made no mention of the child pornography allegations leveled against him earlier. Police reportedly found indecent photos housed on Glitter's computer last month. Glitter, a/k/a Paul Gadd, has denied the charges.

Glitter may stop touring, but he's not about to go away. He's kept himself busy since his 1970s heyday, and he's likely to continue well into the next century. He's just released a 32-track greatest hits record, and 1998 will see the release of at least one movie, a comedy called "ILoveYouLoveMeLove," and Glitter's autobiography

due in April.

The rocker had been playing himself in the new Spice Girls movie singing his hit "I'm the Leader of the Gang" in a duet with the girls, but his part was cut following his arrest even though he has yet to be charged. His scene was described by a fellow actor as "Gary Glitter and the Chippendale-cloned Dreamboys" with Glitter reportedly dressed in a black sequinned catsuit, platform shoes and "boot-black aircraft carrier hair."