Girls Against Boys Address Weiland Track Similarities

If you've heard "12 Bar Blues," the solo album from Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland, you may have noticed a similarity between Weiland's track "Cool Kiss" and a 1996 song from Girls Against Boys called, "Click Click."

If you have, you're not the only one. The band has also noticed the similarity (which extends to the title of the Weiland track, a phrase found in the lyrics of "Click Click"), and was apparently unfazed enough to joke about it this week with MTV News.

"We have a deal with Scott, you know, we share a lot of musical ideas," GVSB keyboardist/bassist Eli Janney quipped.

"It's a 'trading scheme,'" bassist Johnny Temple added.

"Yeah, so one of our verses he can use and we get to use one of his choruses. So on our next album, you'll hear one of his choruses on our songs," [700k QuickTime] Janney said.

"We're going

to be borrowing heavily," drummer Alexis Fleisig noted.

When asked if there were any particular Weiland nuggets the band had hoped to work over, Janney kept the joke running.

"We've been going over the Stone Temple Pilots catalog just to see which one, because pretty much we can choose any one we want, so we're just going through it. We haven't decided yet," he said.

"We don't exercise creative control on one another," Temple added. "It's completely creatively open what you can take from one another." [1MB QuickTime]

"We're very close," Janney concluded.

Girls Against Boys representatives say, in all seriousness, that they don't plan on pressing the matter any further as they are turning their attention to shooting a video for the band's upcoming single "Park Avenue" with

Nick Gordon, the director behind Roni Size's time-slipping video "Brown Paper Bag." Girls Against Boys will then shoot scenes for the upcoming Courtney Love, Ben Affleck flick "200 Cigarettes."

Representatives for Weiland's record label, Atlantic Records, could not be reached for comment.