Ol' Dirty Bastard Gets One Year In Rehab For L.A. Arrests

A Los Angeles court sentenced notorious rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard to one year in a drug rehabilitation facility and three years formal probation on Friday after he pled no contest to making terrorist threats and to a felony charge of possessing body armor.

O.D.B., known in court documents as Russell Tyrone Jones, was also fined $500 by Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel and ordered to undergo anger management counseling and to stay away from drugs and alcohol as part of his treatment.

According to the Associated Press, during the proceedings, the rapper complained to the court that police officers were constantly "picking on him." He also told Judge Revel that "Jesus loves you," although this was apparently a reference to the religious figure and not his one-time rap handle, Big Baby Jesus (see "O.D.B. Explains Why He's Jesus").

Friday's sentence effectively resolves the rapper's West Coast legal woes, dating back

to his arrest in September 1998 for making terrorist threats at staff and patrons at a club in West Hollywood (see "Ol' Dirty Bastard Out On Bail After Hollywood Club Arrest").

Ol' Dirty was also jailed in Los Angeles this past February, when the convicted felon was caught wearing a bulletproof vest during a traffic stop (see "Ol' Dirty Bastard Arrested For Wearing Bulletproof Vest").

The rapper is expected to complete his rehab stint at the Impact House in Pasadena, California, where O.D.B. has been laying low since checking himself into a live-in program in August.

After completing his sentence, Ol' Dirty says he plans to move back to New York City, where he still faces charges stemming from a July arrest for drug possession (see "O.D.B. Arrested In NYC On Drug, Driving Charges").

Despite the literal trials and tribulations

of the past year, Ol' Dirty still managed to release a solo album, "N**** Please," in September.