Genesis Back With New Singer, New Sound

July 15 [16:00 EDT] -- Genesis have wrapped up work on their latest effort, which features the debut of a new singer and a departure from the pop-oriented sound the group adopted with Phil Collins at the helm.

With 28-year-old Scottish-born Ray Wilson joining founding Genesis members Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford, the band passes on the pure pop of "Invisible Touch" for a more sweeping sound on "Calling All Stations," which should hit stores later this summer.

With songs weighing in between eight and nine minutes long, it's apparent that the group is using the departure of Collins (and the arrival of Wilson) to steer their sound in a new direction.

If it seems like Wilson dropped out of thin air, rest assured the singer has 14 years of performing experience under his belt. Wilson got his start at the age of 14 in his native Scotland with a group called The End. Of his latest gig, Wilson has said, "Fronting a band with such a history is an incredible challenge."

Before Phil Collins was the lead singer of Genesis, he sang backup vocals from behind the drums in support of the then lead singer, Peter Gabriel.

It may be a while though before fans get to see if Wilson is up to the challenge as the group doesn't plan to hit the road until next year when they will play a string of dates in the U.K.