Rob Zombie Finds Inspiration In Strip Clubs, Haunts Halloween Maze

The fickle flame of inspiration can spark in the strangest of places.

For some, the smell of a rose can ignite the passions. For others, the song of a nearby robin can lift the soul.

For Rob Zombie, it's the old the bump and grind.

This week, the hard-driving dance metal master delivers the remix album "American Made Music To Strip By" to stores, bringing with it Zombie cuts reworked by the likes of Rammstein, Limp Bizkit's DJ Lethal, Nine Inch Nails' multi-instrumentalist Charlie Clouser and onetime Nails drummer Chris Vrenna (see "Rob Zombie Gets Remixed By Rammstein, DJ Lethal, Others").

"I got the idea when I was on tour the last few years when rock music was in a slump," Zombie told MTV News of the album. "I mean, now it's back, but when it was in a slump, the one place I would hear it everywhere we went was in all

the strip clubs. It never died, and this was kind of like a salute to that."

Zombie discussed his inspiration during a trip to The Thrilling, Chilling World Of Rob Zombie, the Halloween maze he created for California's Universal Studios.

"Pieces of [the album] are used in the maze, but they're all flipped backwards and messed around with, so they're pretty much indistinguishable," [RealVideo] Zombie said.

Zombie put even more of himself in his maze than usual during his recent visit to the attraction. The man went undercover in all black and a ghoulish mask, and he ventured into the maze to spook unsuspecting visitors.

The Zombie-designed attraction will remain open through the end of the month as part of this year's "Halloween Horror Nights III."