Everclear Names Dual New Albums For 2000

Following through on frontman Art Alexakis' promise to deliver two new albums in 2000, Everclear has announced a few details of the project.

Alexakis told MTV News in August that his band would release two album in the new year (see "Everclear To Release Pair Of LPs Next Year, Alexakis Talks Film Projects"), and now the band has announced that the first of the two will arrive in April when "Songs From an American Movie, Volume I/Learning How To Smile" hits stores. Everclear has also announced that a second album, "Songs From an American Movie, Volume II/Good Time For A Bad Attitude," will surface some six months later.

"Maybe it doesn't make any sense, but you've got to go by your gut, and in my gut we feel this is the right thing to do," Alexakis said in a statement announcing the band's plans.

Supporting the claims Alexakis made this summer, the group (which also includes drummer Greg Eklund and bassist Craig

Montoya) again notes that "Learning How To Smile" will focus on Everclear's melodic leanings while "Good Time For A Bad Attitude" will let the band flaunt its more rocking tendencies. Alexakis says that the two albums will "show two sides of the same coin… What we do is very pop-y at times, and then there's a part of us that's very noisy."

As we previously reported, the band's effort to release two new albums in one year was aided by Alexakis' decision to throw songs he had written for a potential solo project into the Everclear pot.