Everclear Feels "Zeppelin" For Next LP, Adds Radio Shows

Everclear's new album, "Songs From An American Movie, Volume I - Learning How To Smile," has already sold more than 175,000 copies and spawned a hit alternative single in "Wonderful," but the band is way too busy right now to enjoy the success.

The Portland, Oregon-based group has already returned to the studio to wrap work on the second half of the double-album set, subtitled "Volume II - A Good Time For A Bad Attitude," tentatively set for release in the fall.

Everclear has issued a video for its "Wonderful" single, directed by frontman Art Alexakis, and though he's been asked to helm other videos, Alexakis told MTV News that his focus remains on "Volume II."

"I've had a couple people ask me," Alexakis said, "but you know, it'll be some time [before I can do that]. We

need to concentrate,

focus, and keep the eye on the ball that's Everclear." [RealVideo]

Alexakis also described the sound of the new album-in-progress, which he says will be much more rockin' than the lighter, pop material contained on "Learning How To Smile" or even the group's 1997 effort, "So Much For The Afterglow."

"It's way heavier," Alexakis said. "I mean, if you look at 'So Much For The Afterglow,' there's some poppier songs, some heavier rock songs, and we've kind of separated them this time. But I wouldn't say that these [new] songs sound like anything from that record really. It's more [Led] Zeppelin." [RealVideo]

After completing the "Volume II" album, Everclear plans to head out on the road for a few scattered radio festival dates in September and October.

Gigs currently lined up for Everclear:

  • 9/14 - Nashville, TN @ WZPC Radio Festival
  • 9/15

    - Columbia, SC @ WARQ Radio Festival

  • 9/16 - Charlotte, NC @ WEND Radio Festival
  • 9/30 - Salt Lake City, Utah @ X96 Radio Festival
  • 10/1 - Atlanta, GA @ 99X "Big Day Out" Festival