Eve 6 On Being Left Alone For Record Debut

Los Angeles trio Eve 6 currently sits atop the Modern Rock charts with its new single, "Inside Out," [600k QuickTime] and the band is out on the road opening for Our Lady Peace and Third Eye Blind on The Bonfire Tour -- no small feat considering that the oldest member of Eve is only 19.

Eve 6, which takes its name from a character from an old "X-Files" episode, first started playing together in 1993, and wound up signing a major label deal two years ago while singer-bassist Max Collins, guitarist Jon Siebels and drummer Tony Fagenson -- producer Don Was' son -- were still in high school.

The band sat down with MTV News recently and explained how the label deal permitted them enough time to evolve as a group before releasing their self-titled debut.

"It wasn't like they stuck us in a studio with a producer and said you have to change and do this and you want to do this," [300k QuickTime]Siebels

said. "It was a development deal because they signed us and gave us time to develop on our own."

"They completely left us alone," agreed Collins.

"A record was guaranteed," Fagenson added.

"It wasn't like they said, 'We'll see if your songs get to a certain point,'" Collins said, "and they gave us money to record a couple of seven inch singles and get studio experience. [The label] just basically let us write and play around town a lot."

Eve 6 opens for OLP and 3EB when The Bonfire Tour sweeps across the War Memorial Auditorium in Greensboro, North Carolina, on Thursday.