EPMD Mines Horror Film Vaults For "Symphony 2000" Video

In stores now is the new album by legendary hip-hop duo EPMD, "Out Of Business," as well as the first single, "Symphony 2000."

The video for the track was directed by Steve Carr and features Method Man, Redman and Lady Luck alongside EPMD's Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith. The clip has a horror movie theme, which sees each rapper dressed as his or her favorite horror movie character.

Actually, Sermon had to replace his first choice, Pinhead from the "Hellraiser" series, with his second choice, Michael Myers from the "Halloween" series, as Smith explained to the MTV Radio Network.

"[Erick] ain't get the character [he wanted], right," Smith told the MTV Radio Network. "He wanted to be Pinhead, but he would have to get a makeup job [for] maybe fifty thousand [dollars] extra... with the setup to make that situation, it would have been time-consuming. With him wearing [just] the mask,

it wouldn't have looked as real. With the Michael Myers, we had the original mask, the outfit, the original everything." [RealAudio]

For more on EPMD, and to catch a glimpse of the "Symphony 2000" video, check out the MTV Online feature, "EPMD: A Decade Of Business".