En Vogue Plans New Album, Greatest Hits Compilation

R&B trio En Vogue is planning to release a new studio album in the fall, but until then, fans can look forward to June 1, when a greatest hits retrospective is due out from the group.

"Best of En Vogue" culls material from the band's 9-year, multi-platinum history, including tracks that appeared on En Vogue's first two records, "Born to Sing" (1990) and "Funky Divas" (1992), when the group was still a quartet.

After earning bit parts in the films "Batman Forever" and "Tank Girl," singer Dawn Robinson left En Vogue right before it started work on its 1997 record, "EV3." Just last year Robinson lent her voice to "The Rugrats Movie."

The track listing for the "Best of En Vogue:"

  • "My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)"
  • "Hold On"
  • "Whatta Man"
  • "Free Your Mind"
  • "Don't Let Go (Love)"
  • "Giving Him Something"
  • "Feel"
  • "No Fool No More"
  • "Whatever"
  • "Lies"
  • "Give It Up, Turn It Loose"
  • "Runaway Love"
  • "Too Gone, Too Long"
  • "Let

    It Flow"

  • "Love Don't Love You"