UPDATE: Limp Bizkit, Eminem To Headline Tour With Papa Roach

Official spokespeople aren't talking, but Limp Bizkit and Eminem are currently hammering out a co-headlining tour that would see Papa Roach opening up for the acts.

Interscope Records, the home of both Limp and Em, wouldn't confirm the tour, but sources close to the trek say that Limp, Em, and Papa Roach are in the planning stages for a fall road trip tentatively set to kick off this October.

Sources also tell MTV News that Limp and Em will co-headline the outing, with each act rolling out a 60-minute set. While both Limp and Em are currently on the road, both acts are said to be cooking up new productions for the fall tour.

Darryl Eaton, booking agent for Limp Bizkit, told MTV.com's sister site Sonicnet, "We're in the very preliminary stages right now. I don't know how long Eminem is going to be able to stay out [on the tour]."

Papa Roach frontman Coby Dick also talked to Sonicnet about the tour, saying, "We've got ourselves mapped out through

December, going out with Korn, and then Limp Bizkit and Eminem at the end of the year." He added that the Limp-Eminem tour was "not set in stone yet, but it should be soon."

Em is currently making the rounds with Dr. Dre's "Up In Smoke" tour, while Limp is getting fans fired up about its upcoming third album, "Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water," with a Napster-sponsored free tour. That trek finds Limp plying its trade behind a 16-foot high chain link fence, an idea that Limp frontman Fred Durst admits was not his own.

"I got it from Ministry," Durst told MTV News at the tour's launch in Detroit earlier this month. "I saw a Ministry show back in the day, and they had no barricade and no security in the front of the show. They just had this fence up on the stage. That was the only thing separating the fans, us, from the band, and that was it. You could go up to the fence. It was,

like, unbelievable. It was so long ago. I just wanted to bring it back in a different kind of manner." [RealVideo]

Limp and its fence will hit Atlanta on Monday, Chicago on Wednesday, and Kansas City on Friday.