Easy Mo Bee Takes "Odyssey" With Snoop, More

Producer Easy Mo Bee, who has overseen records for the Notorious B.I.G., The Lost Boyz, Busta Rhymes, Heavy D, and Kurupt, among others, plans to release his first solo album, titled "Now Or Never: Odyssey 2000," in April.

Easy, who earned a Grammy Award in 1992 for producing Miles Davis' "Doo-Bop" LP, has tapped such musical friends and past accomplices as Snoop Dogg, Gang Starr, Raekwon, Goodie M.O.B., and Rah Digga to provide guest vocals on the new "Odyssey 2000" cuts.

The 26-track, 16-song album also features several instrumental numbers and interstitial skits, opening with a short introduction from Biz Markie and closing with an old phone message left by the late Notorious B.I.G., whom Easy Mo Bee produced on 1994's "Ready To Die" and 1997's "Life After Death."

"Everyone on the album was someone I either had a relationship with or whom I really wanted to work with," Easy Mo Bee said in a statement. "So it wasn't me in the booth and them in the room. It

was us, together, and I think that is evident in the flow of these tracks."

The track listing for Easy Mo Bee's "Now Or Never: Odyssey 2000:"

  • "Live At The Morocco" - Biz Markie
  • "Now Or Never" - Easy Mo Bee
  • "Brothers" - R.I.F. featuring Easy Mo Bee
  • "Sunstroke" - Sauce Money, Da Ranjahs, and G Da K
  • "Fie Fie Fetish" - Goodie M.O.B.
  • "Instrumental #1" - Easy Mo Bee
  • "Sh**'s Goin' Down" - Da Nation featuring Kurupt
  • "Soul" - Gang Starr
  • "Talkin' Bout You" - Rah Digga
  • "Instrumental #2" - Easy Mo Bee
  • "Time To Shine" - Soul Survivors featuring Craig Mack
  • "N.Y.C." - Kool G Rap featuring Jinx
  • "*69 Monique Skit #1"
  • "Sex, Money, Drugs" - Da Nation featuring C-Lo
  • "Instrumental #3" - Easy Mo Bee
  • "Sound Of My Heat" - Snoop Dogg featuring Glaze NY
  • "Instrumental #4" - Easy Mo Bee
  • "Let's Make A Toast" - Flipmode/C.R.E.A.M. Team
  • "*69 Monique Skit #2"
  • "Make 'Em Bounce" - Angie Martinez and Doo


  • "Dis Beat Is Mine" - R.I.F. featuring Easy Mo Bee
  • "Instrumental #5" - Easy Mo Bee
  • "*69 Monique Skit #3"
  • "Always Be There" - Dave Morris featuring Da Nation
  • "We Pledge Allegiance" - Cocoa Brovas featuring Prodigy from Mobb Deep
  • "Phone Message" - Notorious B.I.G.