The Style Of Duran Duran

Whether you actually missed them or not, Duran Duran are back, minus founding bassist John Taylor, but with a brand new album in tow, called "Medazzaland." We recently had a talk with band members Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo, and found them to be, well, at least as stylish as ever.

SIMON LE BON, Vocals: When I was a kid, my favorite game was dressing up, that was it.

NICK RHODES, Keyboards: (Turning to Simon) I never knew.

MTV: Duran Duran's line-up and popularity have fluctuated over the past 16 years, but one constant remains: its fearless style.

PRESS WOMAN 1 (from a Los Angeles press conference, 2/7/84 ): Do you feel that your fashionably good looks have played a significant role...

LE BON: You're not reading that, are you? (Everyone laughs)

PRESS WOMAN 1: -- in contributing to your huge success? Do you think if you were maybe not so cute -- ?


TAYLOR: Are we cute, are we?

ALL: Awww. [1.2MB QuickTime]

RHODES (from an interview in Lodon, 11/27/84): I buy the clothes I buy because I like them, and somebody else...

LE BON: I buy my clothes (gestures to his sailor shirt) because I like sailor collars!

JOHN TAYLOR, former Duran Duran bassist: We used to go in and buy and buy and it was like Nick hasn't bought one of these has he? Are you sure? Then I'll have one and I'll have that one and that one so he can't have one, either.

MTV: But of course, what looked fabulous back then ["Planet Earth" video clip, 561k QuickTime] triggers different reactions now.

LE BON: Haircuts are the problem, actually.

RHODES: Haircuts mark the years, I think.

LE BON: We've had some radical ones at times. I mean, there was the cat that fell asleep on Andy's head. There was the meringue that landed on Nick's head.


That was a good one. I think "Wild Boys" was about the peak with the haircuts. The 80s haircuts was to the 80s what Farrah Fawcett was to the 70s. Pretty intense stuff we're talking.

WARREN CUCCURULLO: Lots of mousse.

LE BON: I actually think that "Notorious" was a turning point. I think it was aturning point style wise between us being in costume and in stylish clothes.

MTV: It's been a long time since they've tossed away the "Antony Price" suits, the over-the-top hairstyles and the fedora hats of the 80s, but the passion for edgy looks and must-have labels is still very much a part of Duran Duran.

LE BON (gesturing to his clothing): Shoes by Gucci. Socks by Marks and Spencer. Suit by Oswell Boting. Shirt by Gucci. Tie by Moschino.

RHODES: You're a real name dropper. Unbelievable!

LE BON: Can you do a little end of the catwalk turn? It's like this, isn't it? (He walks toward the camera and does a little spin).

Duran Duran will

perform at a tribute to the late art impresario Andy Warhol on November 8th, at New York's Whitney Museum of American Art. The group will launch a U.S. tour on November 13th in Boston.

And that's it for this edition of "The Week In Rock." Do join us next week, when we'll be back with more on the Jane's Addiction "Relapse"... LL Cool J making a video with Master P... Method Man, Busta Rhymes and our own favorite Redman... and David Morales on remixing Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey. We'll see you then.