Trinket Explodes With "Boom," Duran Duran Dates

Almost a year and a half after first issuing its self-titled second album, the Athens, Georgia pop-rock band Trinket has returned with a refurbished version of the record, appropriately titled "Set To Explode."

The reworked album includes several new songs, including the first single, "Boom", which the band recorded during sessions in Los Angeles late last year with producers David Bianco and Michael Urbano.

On a break from recording his own group's new record, Wallflowers guitarist Michael Ward also guested on the three new tracks, as well as a souped-up take on "All The Rave," the original lead track from the 1999 "Trinket" album (see "Trinket Cuts Tracks With Wallflowers Guitarist").

As evidenced by the "Boom" single, Trinket has modified its sound to include more samples and loop-driven beats, and singer Brian Youmans recently talked with MTV News about how the band stumbled across the song and its subsequent

new direction.

"Well, 'Boom,' actually, I heard on a demo tape [from songwriter Johnny Douglas] and just fell in love with the song," he said. "The vocal on the [original] track was just horrific, and I thought, 'Wow, there's really something going on with this track,' but it just didn't sound good.

"And I just thought we could do it. I played it for the guys, and it was probably the first thing that the band had collectively agreed on in a long time. We were like, 'Wow, this is a really good song.'"

"We decided to go out [to Los Angeles], retool 'All The Rave,' and do something kind of special to it for the re-release," Youmans continued, "and make a bridge between the old and the new with 'All The Rave.'


'Shedding My Skin' and 'Superhuman,' those tracks were written in Nashville. I went to Nashville to write with Johnny Douglas, and that went really well. It was a very good collaborative effort, and it kind of gave us a new direction, really, for our music and where I think things are heading." [RealAudio]

Youmans also noted that the mix of material worked surprisingly well once "Set To Explode" was finally sequenced, even if listening to some of the older songs was a little bit of a flashback.

"It's like looking at a high school annual," he said. "You look back and go, 'Wow, did I really look like that?' That's the way it is. When I listen to some of those older songs, I think, 'Wow, that was a long time ago.' [Laughs]


my initial [reaction], and those thoughts and feelings that were put into those songs still hold up and still mean a lot to us. It's been a good thing, a good process and a good metamorphosis." [RealAudio]

Part of the change has involved a shuffling in its lineup, as Trinket has parted ways with guitarist Jeffrey Fisher and bassist-songwriter Tommy Salmon during the gestation of the new album.

Trinket has since enlisted a new guitarist, Mark Skinner, as well as a rotating cast of several different bassists for its recent live shows.

The band is currently gearing up for a planned fall tour in support of "Set To Explode," and Trinket has been tapped to open for MTV pop pioneers Duran Duran on July 23 in West Palm Beach, Florida and on July 25 in Nashville, Tennessee.