Polygram Apologizes For Racist Executive, Jesse Jackson Councils

November 13 [14:45 EDT] -- The Dru Hill lawsuit against Polygram caught the attention of the Reverend Jesse Jackson after former label president, Eric Kronfeld, made racist remarks in reference to the hiring of African-Americans with criminal records.

Jackson met with senior Polygram officials on Wednesday, who have issued a public apology for Kronfeld's remark. As we reported yesterday, Kronfeld said that if he didn't hire African-Americans with criminal records, "there would be virtually no African-Americans employees in our society or in our industry." The employee in question allegedly beat Dru Hill's manager with a pool cue in July.

Polygram has replaced Kronfeld with Motown Records executive Clarence Avant, who has been placed on the company's International Management Board.

Kronfeld will remain as Chief Operating Officer for domestic music.