Sisqo Takes On "Allison" For First Feature Film

Sisqo is getting ready to take his silver hair to the silver screen, as he has been filming his cinematic debut in the upcoming film, "Getting Over Allison," starring Ben Foster and Kirsten Dunst.

The singer revealed his movie plans during an interview with MTV's Carson Daly, explaining that he even had to take a few days off from his opening spot on the 'NSYNC summer tour in order to shoot the dialogue heavy scenes.

"My big screen debut is actually interrupting the 'NSYNC tour," Sisqo said. "I actually had to leave the tour and go shoot a movie, a Miramax film called 'Getting Over Allison.' What I decided to do was do more of a dialogue movie first, 'cause I wanted to try and get my credibility as an actor, so check it out." [RealAudio]

Directed by Tommy O'Haver, "Getting Over Allison," deals with the story of Berke Lawrence (played by Foster), who rebounds from

a breakup by taking an interest in his best friend's younger sister.

The film began shooting in mid-May and is not expected to be released until sometime next year. As for Sisqo, he's once again back on the 'NSYNC tour, which rolls into Pasadena, California on Friday night.

The remix of Sisqo's smash hit, "Thong Song," featuring Foxy Brown, is included on the soundtrack for "Nutty Professor II: The Klumps," due in stores on July 11.