1998 Scrapbook: The Donnas Rev Up Their Rock & Roll Machine

Despite popular conceptions, not every teenage band these days is comprised of a group of cute boys with nifty choreography and swank haircuts.

Just ask the Donnas, the Palo Alto rockers whose lumbering punk dirge has drawn comparison to L7 and the Ramones ­ even though the teen girls belting out the two-chord tunes look as if they¹d be better suited for the high school marching band.

After having released and toured in support of its newest album, "American Teenage Rock 'N' Roll Machine," the Donnas are next set to make an appearance in the upcoming Melissa Joan Hart film, "Next to You," which is due out next spring.

But it was a slightly more demure version of the classic punk rock grrl group that manifested itself when vocalist Donna A., guitarist Donna R., bassist Donna F. and drummer Donna C. visited with MTV News earlier in the year...