Kurupt To Team With Dr. Dre For New Video

Kurupt will play host to Dr. Dre in his hometown of Philadelphia this week as the two shoot the video for Kurupt's new single, "Ask Yourself A Question."

Kurupt, Dre (who produced the track) and actor Michael Wright will star in the clip, which will be part of a 20-minute short film that the video's director, Barry Michael Cooper, is calling "an urban version of the movie 'Seven.'"

Of course, the collaboration with Dre (a late addition to the album) finds Kurupt joining forces once again with one of his old Death Row Records counterparts. While the two have since both left that label, Kurupt says he found a little of the old Death Row magic when working with Dre.

"Dr. Dre taught me so much about engineering, knowing what sound is, knowing why this sound is the way it is, why it's da bomb, and why that sound or this sound isn't da bomb," Kurupt told MTV News of his work with Dre. "It's

all in the sound. You could have the best beat in the world, but if you don't mix it correctly and have everything perfect, it won't be anything. From all these connections, it was like college, Death Row was like college." [28.8 RealVideo]

We will have more on what these two teach each other this time around on the set of Kurupt's new video later this week.