Dr. Dre Almost Finished With "The Chronic 2000," Wants Snoop For First Single

Dr. Dre has finished most of the tracks for his new record, "The Chronic 2000," and is tentatively planning to release the much-anticipated follow-up to 1992's "The Chronic" next spring.

The Doctor says he still three or four songs for the record, but has laid down tunes with his newest protege, Eminem, as well as with his old friend, Snoop Dogg. The two songs they collaborated on apparently went so well that Dre told the MTV Radio Network that he wanted to get Dogg back in the studio again.

"That's the ultimate," Dre said of the reunion, "getting back with Snoop is just like, 'What!' It's gonna be fire. I wanna get back [in the studio] and do one more, because I actually want my first single to be a song with me and Snoop on it together. I think that would be the wisest move for me." [28.8 RealAudio]

Other rappers coming out for Dre's "The Chronic 2000" include Hitman and Kurupt,

who actually has Dre on his new single, "Ask Yourself A Question."