Dr. Dre Says Nothing "Shady" About Eminem's Debut

Although Dr. Dre is still said to be cutting tracks for his first new album in over six years, the influential producer has taken time out to work on "Slim Shady," the debut from his newest protégé, white rapper Eminem.

Eminem first began generating noticeable street buzz last year with his "Just Don't Give a F***" single, after which the rapper settled in with Dre and his camp of producers to record "Slim Shady," which is set for release via Dre's own Aftermath record label.

The first single from Eminem's new record is entitled "My Name Is," the video for which has already been selected as an MTV Buzz Clip. But the early praise for Eminem doesn't comes as much of a surprise for mentor Dr. Dre, who recently raved about the rapper to the MTV Radio Network.

"Eminem is just incredible," Dre said, "that's the word that comes to mind, 'incredible.' Seriously. I mean, I know it's what I'm supposed to say because he's with me, but this kid is really incredible."

Eminem just wrapped up a short, pre-released road stint, where he had demonstrating his skills at a few showcases for industry professionals. His new album, "Slim Shady," is due out in the first quarter of 1999, while Dre is still promising to deliver "The Chronic: 2000" at some point this spring.