Direct Effect: Everlast Swings Back In Eminem Battle

The ongoing lyrical battle between Eminem and Everlast has entered round three.

Eminem blasted the former House of Pain rapper on a track called "I Remember" last month, and now Everlast is fighting back with a blistering attack called "Whitey's Revenge."

"Initially I was concerned with this lyrical bout being extremely one-sided [and] favorable to Eminem, because Everlast has never been known as a battle rapper," MTV News correspondent and radio personality Sway (of the "Sway & King Teck Show") observed. "However, on this particular song, he measures up to the challenge."

Everlast pulls no punches on the slow-grooving track, using the intro to dedicate the song to Eminem's mother, who has waged a very public legal battle with her son.

"It was hard not to be drawn in to [the song's] dark, eerie undertone — it led me to believe that Everlast was going for Eminem's jugular vein," Sway said.

On the track, Everlast asks "Will the real

Slim Shady please act up?" and suggests both rappers drop their mics and make their battle a physical one. He then goes on to question Eminem's sexuality and to accuse him of being an "Ecstasy junkie." Everlast also taunts Eminem for his high-profile troubles with his wife, Kim, rapping, "You better check your kid for DNA."

Everlast also accuses Eminem of being a mainstream sellout and a fake gangster on the track.

Speaking about the song, Everlast said that Eminem's talent as an MC is undeniable, but that Eminem is used to taking lyrical shots at "caged deer" like pop singers Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Everlast noted that he is not 'NSYNC, and that he will fight back.

Eminem's record label, Interscope Records, was unprepared to offer a response on Thursday, but expected that Eminem would offer an official reaction soon.

It is not yet known if "Whitey's Revenge" will find a commercial release, but Everlast said that he plans to release the song

via the music-sharing service Napster.

The beef between the two first emerged — at least on record — with Everlast's appearance on a remix of Dilated Peoples' "Ear Drums Pop." On the track, Everlast rapped, "I'll buck a 380 on ones that act shady/ You know you ain't the one that repped peckerwood status."

Eminem then responded with "I Remember," a track that appeared as the B-side to the "Sh-- on You" single Eminem released with his group D-12 in October. On the song, the Detroit rapper takes swings at Everlast's career, his age, and even his heart troubles (see "Eminem Attacks Everlast On B-Side").