John Digweed Gets Down In The "Groove" Film, New LP

After breaking through to the mainstream in 1999 with his Bedrock single,"Heaven Scent," English DJ John Digweed is quickly evolving into a legitimate multimedia star here in the U.S.

"Communicate," the new mix record from Digweed and his frequent DJ collaborator, Sasha, is currently charting in the "Billboard" Top 200, right as Digweed is drawing rave reviews for his part in "Groove," a film that recounts a night in the life of the San Francisco dance scene.

Sasha and Digweed have grown global-sized reputations as international DJs since first hooking up in the U.K. in 1993. Bedrock, one of Digweed's many other projects, percolated over to wider, non-club audiences last year when its "Heaven Scent" track was featured in a DKNY commercial.

Now, as "Groove" continues to open in cities across the country, Digweed is earning praise for playing himself in a role that calls for him to literally save a dance party in the S.F. warehouse district after local cops

come in and attempt to shut it down.

Digweed recently sat down with MTV News and talked about how he was approached to become involved in the "Groove" film.

"Basically, I got a call from my management over here," Digweed explained, "saying that there's people interested in me playing a cameo role in this film that's being shot in San Francisco. So, I got the script sent over, read through it, and met with the director [Greg Harrison] when I was in San Francisco, doing some gigs."

"I met up with the director and kind of really hit it off. I was kind of nervous at one point, just in how I wanted to be perceived and everything. But once I met [Harrison] and heard his intentions for the film and I saw he generally wanted to promote the scene in a good way--that was my main concern--once I realized that, I got involved."

"But it was great," he added. "I love playing in San Francisco. It's one of my favorite places, and to be involved with a project over there was a lot of fun. Everyone was so supporting, 'cause I'd never done any acting like that before, so it was very nervous, but I had a lot of fun."

The "Heaven Scent" single by Bedrock is featured on the "Groove" soundtrack, and Digweed indicated that a follow-up to that record is being discussed, an album that would consist of the records he spins during his scenes in the flick.

"That's something that's been talked about, and I think it's gonna happen," Digweed said. "I played for like 20 or 25 minutes, but of course it was condensed down within the film. So, the idea was to

incorporate those records,

and some more tracks that I would have been playing at the time, kind of push it into another soundtrack. I think that's gonna happen, and it's gonna come out later in the year." [RealVideo]

In addition to his own records, Digweed is also planning to do some remixes for upcoming singles from Underworld and Moby.