Atlanta Police Say Da Brat Not Target Of Shooting

The Atlanta Police Department has determined that female rapper Da Brat was not the target of a drive-by shooting that occurred earlier this month in front of her old apartment complex in the metro neighborhood of Buckhead.

Authorities originally thought the shooting, in which nine passengers of a rented limousine were fired upon by two masked assailants, was payback for an altercation between Da Brat and another woman at a Buckhead nightclub on March 7 (see "Da Brat Brawl Allegedly Spurs Atlanta Shooting").

Police believe that the shooters were driving a late model silver Ford Thunderbird, but have yet to arrest any suspects for their involvement in the drive-by. Five of the passengers, including the driver, were wounded during the incident.

But a spokesperson for the police told the "Atlanta Journal Constitution" that the shooting was "all just a terrible coincidence" and that "the bullets were intended for someone

else. It just so happened it was in the apartment complex where she lived."

Da Brat has since moved out of the Post Chastain complex where the shooting took place, and was on location in Cancun, Mexico, shooting a video for "What Chu Like" when the drive-by occurred.

The rapper still faces an April 13 court date in Atlanta to answer the aggravated battery charge leveled against Da Brat for her part in the nightclub brawl (see "Da Brat Arrested For Battery In Club Incident").

Da Brat's new album, "Unrestricted," is due out on April 11.