The Cure Try To Cope With Fan Affection

November 4 [10:00 EDT] -- The Cure enters the Holiday home video sweepstakes next week with a VHS companion to their new greatest hits collection "Galore," and the band marked the release on Halloween with a concert and in-store appearance in New York City.

Both events prompted overt displays of affection from the band's rabid fanbase, a phenomenon that Cure frontman Robert Smith is still trying to figure out some 21 years after forming the band.

The reception the band received at New York's Irving Plaza was similar to the stir the band causes elsewhere on the road, but the commotion at New York's Tower Records earlier that day was a bit disconcerting to Smith.

"When we do a concert, I can figure it out, because I think, 'well if we play well and the songs are good, then people get excited about it,'" Smith told MTV News. "When you're just sort of sitting somewhere, walk in somewhere and people get excited, I find it difficult

to cope with, still [500k QuickTime] after all these years, because it doesn't make sense. I wake up and look at myself and think, 'Yuck.'"

The Cure is now finishing up work on a new studio album, and hopes to launch a tour next spring.

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