San Francisco Holiday Shows Still On Thanks To The Mayor

December 5 [14:00 EDT] -- Fans in San Francisco looking for alternatives to Christmas parties and regular rock n' roll may want to check out a Live 105 radio station event called Electronica Hanukkah.

The performers on the bill include Crystal Method, Sneaker Pimps, DJ Shadow, Keoki, Meat Beat Manifesto and Josh Wink. The show, originally scheduled for the Kezar Pavilion, is going to be at the Maritime Hall on Saturday, December 6. If the season standards are preferred, however, the same station is also hosting a Green Christmas celebration the following night, with David Bowie, Everclear, The Specials and others, still scheduled at the Kezar Pavilion.

The latter event, which was already coming up short with the cancellations of Björk and the Verve, came close to being canceled altogether, reports the "San Francisco Chronicle," when the promoters, Bill Graham Presents, failed to get the proper permits for the unlicensed Kezar and another venue couldn't be found.

On Wednesday, police gave the concert a thumbs-down, as did the Police Commission . Yesterday, however, the decision was overturned by Mayor -- and rock fan -- Willie Brown.

The show will go on.