Puffy Unveils His "Dream"

Never one to miss a marketable musical idea, Puff Daddy unveiled his latest Bad Boy Records offering Wednesday night, a female teen pop quartet dubbed Dream.

Puffy himself greeted industry insiders at a press event staged Wednesday night at New York's Laura Belle's and introduced his latest find, which is comprised of four young girls from various Californian points.

The ladies of Dream (Ashley, Melissa, Holly, and Diana) caught the eye of Puffy with a showcase performance in Beverly Hills and landed a deal with the Bad Boy mogul that same night. The deal will yield its first fruit in late September when the group's debut album hits stores. The first single from the girls, "He Loves U Not," should surface in mid-June.

The girls came together under the watchful eye of a Los Angeles-based management firm, which staged a talent search that turned up Ashley, Melissa, and Holly. Soon Holly's best friend Diana entered the picture, rounding out the group's current