Charlotte Church Takes Pop Music Spin With Trevor Horn

Teen opera phenom Charlotte Church has traded in the concert hall for the dance floor on a new song, "Just Wave Hello," slated for her upcoming self-titled album, which is due out next month.

For the crossover tune, the 13-year-old singer teamed with veteran producer Trevor Horn, who has handled records for Seal, Yes, The Art Of Noise, Cher, and Frankie Goes To Hollywood, among others. Horn was also a founding member of The Buggles, the group that penned the hit '80s song "Video Killed The Radio Star."

Don't expect Church to start gigging at Madison Square Garden rather than the Metropolitan Opera House anytime soon, however, as the rest of the "Charlotte Church" LP is loaded with the manner of arias found on her debut album, "Voice Of An Angel."

MTV News recently caught up with Church, who talked about the results of her pop music experimentation on "Just Wave Hello."

"It's my classical voice over the top [of the music] with a

beat," Church said, "and it's got a [multi-] cultural feel, with Japanese stuff in there, African drums, and it's just amazing. There's a huge buildup [to the song], and it's just so good. There's a pop choir and a girls' choir, and it's just amazing." [RealVideo]

The "Charlotte Church" album is set for release on November 16.