Chuck D On Possible Public Enemy-Confrontation Camp Tour

Public Enemy's Chuck D will be trading his rap lyrics for some rock licks when his band, Confrontation Camp, makes its live debut during the Digital Club Festival being held in New York City from July 23 to 25.

For the Festival, the venerable Public Enemy frontman will take the stage with his Camp bandmates, which include Professor Griff and singer Kyle Jason. There's even talk that Flavor Flav may make an appearance.

During a recent interview with MTV News, Chuck D talked about the possibility of a joint tour between Confrontation Camp and Public Enemy -- if they can find the right mix of material.

"Public Enemy touring with Confrontation Camp, [that's] something that we're looking forward to do," Chuck said. "But we got to find a mix, because if I'm in Confrontation Camp, and Confrontation Camp opens for P.E., I can't be [too exhausted]."

"But maybe Public Enemy can come on and have

Flavor, and that can be the 'Pow!' so now you know we're all ready for P.E.," he added. "Or [perhaps Confrontation Camp] comes in the middle, I don't know." [RealVideo]

Confrontation Camp is scheduled to play its Digital Club Festival show at Tramps in New York City on July 21.