Aaron Carter Stops The Show

Aaron Carter literally stopped the show in London, Ontario on the weekend. The pint-sized pop star played two songs at an all-ages Valentines Day event at a downtown nightclub before fire officials and Carter's handlers called a halt to the performance out of safety concerns for the young audience.

According to the London Free Press, fans began lining up at 5:00 AM to see the 11-year old Carter, younger brother to Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. Security had the crowd sitting on the floor for the general admission concert prior to the performance, but Carter hit the stage and sparked a rush which saw the larger kids push in front of the younger children in the crowd and compromise their safety. Fire officials stopped the show in order to clear a path to the exit. The show continued an hour later.

Police later determined that the shape of the room, lack of seats and other logistics caused most of the problems, not overcrowding. The club's capacity was 700. The club managers told

officials they sold 660 tickets and issued just 10 complimentary passes.

Carter, who's doing a mini-tour of central and eastern Canada, is following in his big brother's footsteps. The Backstreet Boys saw a strong near-hysterical following in that country long before their records became hits in the States. According to the Free Press, Aaron sold out all 7,000 tickets in the east coast city of Halifax, and all 1,000 tickets to a club show in Montreal. In Toronto, they sold about 1,600 of 2,500 available tickets for a Saturday afternoon appearance at a soft-seat theater.

Aaron Carter is scheduled to return to the area for a 14-day tour in June.