Bush's Nigel Pulsford On Taking Next Bush LP On Road, New Solo Album Online

Bush will take up residency in New York next week, effectively killing three birds with one stone.

The band's three shows at New York's Irving Plaza will give it the chance to play the Digital Club Festival, warm up for Woodstock '99, and (perhaps of greatest interest to fans) try out new material from the upcoming Bush album.

Guitarist Nigel Pulsford told MTV News that "The Science of Things" will carry 13 new tracks when it arrives this fall, and said that the band has been rolling the new tracks out during West Coast club shows and will do the same in New York.

"We're just seeing what people's reactions to them are," Pulsford told MTV News of the trial by fire the new tracks are getting. "It's interesting, because until people hear them, it's not the real deal."

"We'll be mixing the set up, trying some covers and definitely quite a

few of the songs from the new record," [RealAudio] Pulsford added.

It's unlikely, though, that the set will include any of the new tracks that Pulsford recently released on his own solo album, "Heavenly Toast on the Paradise Road." The guitarist has made the album available online through his sister's Collecting Dust record label (at www.collectingdust.com) and said that the project was originally planned as a much smaller diversion.

"It's just an eclectic bunch of songs, really, all quite different from each other," Pulsford explained. "I started out off doing it as an EP, and I was quite dubious about my singing abilities. We'd wait for a quiet moment and then try my vocals out, and gradually I realized my voice wasn't as bad as

I thought it was. Gradually

it went from four songs to ten songs, and I wound up with about 15 songs, and I figured, 'Well, it's an album now, so I'll work towards that.' You know, it's not a Bush album, definitely." [RealAudio]

Pulsford's solo work is currently available online, Bush's album will arrive this fall, and the band will hit Irving Plaza July 21, 22, and 23 before heading to Woodstock '99 next weekend. You can catch more from Bush in our MTV News Online feature, "Digital Club Festival: It's The Music, Stupid."