Buckley On "First Love, Last Rites"

June 6 [16:00 EDT] -- One of the last performances from the late Jeff Buckley on record will be heard on the forthcoming soundtrack to an independent movie called "First Love, Last Rites" due out later this year.

The film is by Jesse Peretz, a Washington, D.C. video producer making his full-length directorial debut. He's probably best known for the satirical take-off on the Mentos commercials for the Foo Fighters' song "Big Me."

Peretz is a longtime friend and video maker for the D.C. band Shudder to Think. The score to "First Love, Last Rites" is by Shudder to Think's singer Craig Wedren and guitarist Nathan Larson. Guest vocalists in addition to Buckley include head Pumpkin Billy Corgan, X's John Doe and Cheap Trick's Robin Zander.

Buckley had also recently done some work with singer Inger Lorre and he appears with her on a song on Rykodisc's Jack Kerouac tribute, "Kicks Joy Darkness."

Buckley drowned last week in Memphis on the eve of recording his

second album.