C-Note Drops Debut Album; Tours With Brandy, Britney, Cher

Take the first letters of each word in the phrase "Create nothing other than excellence" and you've got C-Note, the name of a new quartet from Orlando, Florida which happens to take that motto to heart.

Having just this week released its debut album, "A Different Kind of Love," the Latino boy band is preparing to hit the road along with Tyrese and Silk on Brandy's "Never Say Never" tour.

After the Brandy outing, C-Note will hop on the last leg of Cher's tour this September, and the guys are excited just to be in her company.

[article id="1440651"]"We're really looking forward to seeing the show, we really are,"[/article] C-Note's Raul Molina told MTV News. [article id="1440651"]"We don't know what it's going to be, but we're really looking forward to just being on the same bill with [Cher]."

"[We're looking forward] to always broadening our audience, too,"
[/article] added Andrew "Drew" Rogers. [article id="1440651"]"Especially

with somebody like Cher, she's got a lot of the older crowd, and that's going to be interesting."

"She's Cher!"
[/article] marveled Raul. [article id="1440651"]"We're on a tour with Cher."[/article]

[article id="1440651"]"Hopefully at first they'll be like [makes skeptical face],"[/article] David Perez pantomimed. [article id="1440651"]"Then they'll be [makes pleased face], 'C-Note!'" [RealVideo][/article]

As if Brandy and Cher weren't enough, C-Note will also do a few shows with teen queen Britney Spears this summer.