Boyz II Men's "Evolution" Leads To Familiar Result

October 7 [12:00 EDT] -- It may be a new, improved version of Boyz II Men in record stores this time around, but the result is the same.

The Philadelphia R&B outfit delivered its latest offering, "Evolution," to retailers recently, a time that apparently ushered in a new, more mature day for Boyz II Men.

"We felt like we were growing as men," Shawn Stockman told MTV News. "We were growing as people that were very different from the past endeavors with 'Cooleyhighharmony' and with the album 'II.' We've noticed the changes in ourselves and each other. We felt like 'Evolution' is like the perfect name [500k QuickTime] because of the fact that we were able too... the year and a half gave us the time to kind of accept the changes and put on that suit, and get it tailored and get it fitted for us so we could kind of acknowledge it, understand it and grow with it."

If the Boyz have gone though a major change, fans

don't seem to mind. "Evolution" debuts at number one on this week's "Billboard" album chart.