Chili Peppers To Join NIN, Chems, Blink-182 At Big Day Out; New Video On Tap

Life is pretty sweet these days, if you're a Red Hot Chili Pepper. The band has been tapped to be one of the headliners of Australia's Big Day Out, along with Nine Inch Nails and the Chemical Brothers.

Other bands playing the traveling festival include former Clash leader Joe Strummer, Blink-182, and Primal Scream. That six-date tour, considered to be the Aussie version of Lollapalooza, kicks off on January 21 and wraps up on February 6.

For U.S. fans itching to see the band in the States, watching the Chilis' new video will have to suffice (for now). The group has just wrapped up filming "Around The World," the second clip from its album "Californication."

MTV caught up with singer Anthony Kiedis on the set, and he talked about how the band, whose single "Scar Tissue" cracked the "Billboard" top ten, is managing its "mojo" these days.

"The mojo? I would say it's on the rise," Kiedis declared. "It's rising so high, it would be hard for it to rise anymore. I don't know, it's great. Having [guitarist] John [Frusciante] back is a dream. It's a dream. This is all a dream. Having John back is a dream." [RealVideo]

For more from the Chilis' "Around The World" shoot as well as the world premiere of the new clip, be sure to check out the next episode of "Making The Video," which airs on Monday, October 4 at 10:30 p.m. (ET).

-- Brian Ives