Blessid Union Of Souls Gets Thumbs Up From Cindy Crawford

It takes guts to call Cindy Crawford fat, no matter how you spell it. So when the members of Blessid Union of Souls set about penning their current hit "Hey Leonardo (She Like Me For Me)," they kept their fingers crossed that everyone's favorite supermodel would not confuse the complimentary "phat" with its homophone "fat."

"We did hear, not too long ago, that Cindy Crawford is with child, and we mention 'Phat like Cindy Crawford' [in the song]," drummer Eddie Hedges told the MTV Radio Network. "But it's actually p-h-a-t, not f-a-t. Somebody said, 'Oh, Cindy's going to be pretty upset about this one,' but nah. She'll be alright."

"She's fine... with an 'F,'" bassist Tony Clark added. "She's fine." [RealAudio]

Fortunately Crawford picked up on the intended meaning of the line and dropped a

note to frontman Eliot Sloan to say, "How could I be anything but flattered?" Crawford went on to say she's a big fan of the band and thanked the group for calling her "phat."

As for the main celebrity name dropped in the band's current hit, Leonardo DiCaprio has yet to weigh on the track.