Blackstreet Discusses Hooking Up With Mya, Mase For "Rugrats"

New jack swingers Blackstreet have enlisted the help of pop siren Mya and Bad Boy Mase for their family-friendly new track, "Take Me There," from the "Rugrats" soundtrack.

The track, which actually incorporates the "Rugrats" theme song, was produced by Blackstreet's frontman Teddy Riley. In addition to the familiar strains of the theme song, Riley was looking for other ways to tap into what was popular with kids, hence the appearance of Mase and Mya.

"We thought it would be a great idea," Riley recently said of the track. "It would appeal to the kids, and to get a more... broader audience of the kids, it would be great to have Mya and Mase. Blackstreet, how we got involved was, we found out that we're Nickelodeon's favorite artist, R&B group, so that's how we got involved and we wanted it to be more involved."

Blackstreet has also just finished working on their own album, "Get Higher," which will arrive in January.