Janet Jackson Shoots Videos For Busta And Blackstreet, Talks Teddy Riley

Before bringing her mega-successful Velvet Rope tour to Japan, Janet Jackson pulled double video duty last week in New York, putting in guest appearances in a pair of music videos for friends.

On Friday she teamed up with Busta Rhymes to shoot "What's It Gonna Be," the video for their duet from Busta's new album, "Extinction Level Event." A couple days earlier, Jackson hooked up with Blackstreet for "Girlfriend/Boyfriend," the first single from that group's upcoming record, "Finally."

Janet and Blackstreet have actually collaborated before, appearing on a remix of Jackson's "I Get Lonely," and the singer told MTV News that she might unite with Teddy Riley and company on her next project.

"Teddy definitely wants to work together on the next album," she said, "he keeps telling me we've got to work together on the next album. So who knows, maybe we will. I really enjoyed working with him [on 'Girlfriend/Boyfriend'],

it was a lot of fun in the studio. He reminds me of one of my brothers, and that's a good thing. That felt very good. So I'm sure we'll probably do something together in the future." [28.8 RealVideo]

The Jackson-Teddy Riley connection is apparently pretty strong, as Blackstreet have remade a version of the Jackson's 1980s hit, "Can You Feel It," for their new album, which is due out on March 9. "Finally" also features appearances from Mary J. Blige, Stevie Wonder and Jay-Z.