Black Grape Squeeze Out Next Album

September 8 [7:55 EDT] -- Black Grape is set to return early next year with the group's second effort, "Stupid, Stupid, Stupid."

The MTV Radio Network reports Shaun Ryder and company holed themselves up in Peter Gabriel's Real World Studio in England to record the album, which arrives January 27.

The group teamed with producer Danny Saber (best known for his dance remixes of tracks by Garbage, David Bowie, U2, and the Rolling Stones), and wound up with ten tracks, including a cover of Frederick Knight's 1973 Stax/Volt R&B nugget "Lonely."

As previously reported, Ryder expands his career horizons a bit next year as he makes his feature film debut in the big screen adaptation of the classic spy series "The Avengers" with Sean Connery and Uma Thurman.