Black Grape May Or May Not Be Crushed, New Film For Ryder

Black Grape may or may not still be a band, depending on who you believe. Leader Shaun Ryder recently told the English magazine "Melody Maker" that he would not be recording or performing under the name Black Grape again, but now the rival publication "New Musical Express" is reporting that the band's press reps are denying the group has broken up. "NME" reports that spokespeople for the band say that while Black Grape's future is up in the air, they're not ready to concede to their demise.

Ryder formed Black Grape after the break-up of his previous band Happy Mondays. There's been a revolving door of members with the most recent Black Grape incarnation consisting of just Ryder and producer/musician Danny Saber.

Meanwhile "NME" is also reporting that Ryder has another movie role lined up, and this time he's the star. The film, called "Molly's Idle Ways," is based on Ryder's personal experiences and is being directed by Too Nice Tom (aka TNT), the man who shot Black Grape

documentary "Grape Tapes."

Ryder makes his film debut in a minor role as a thug in "The Avengers," starring Uma Thurman and Ralph Fiennes, which is due for release next month.