Björk Shoots Video With Fashion Designer, But No Prince Collaboration In Works

Acclaimed British fashion designer Alexander McQueen, who created the cover of Björk's last album, "Homogenic," has completed filming the Icelandic songstress' new video, "Alarm Call," which was shot over a two-day period last week in London.

The new video, which is said to be more action-oriented than some of Björk's previous, more surreal clips, will not be included in her new video compilation, "Volumen," due at the end of the month.

The imminent release of the video and single for "Alarm Call" means that the remixes of the song that were originally commissioned from such artists as Beck, Mark Bell, Swag and DJ Krust some six months ago should finally see the light of day (see "Björk Ready For Brief U.S. Tour; Sounds 'Alarm Call' For Remixers").

U.S. representatives for Björk indicated that no domestic release was planned for "Alarm Call," meaning that the 10-plus remixes of the song will likely

be relegated to b-sides of the multiple European versions of the single.

In related news, rumors that Björk and Prince would be collaborating on a song together have turned out to be untrue, and there are no plans for the two to write something for an unnamed "millennial" project, despite earlier reports to the contrary.