Big Pun Sounds Off On The Terror Squad

Among the avalanche of new releases in stores today is the debut album by hip-hop crew the Terror Squad.

The Bronx supergroup consists of Fat Joe, Big Punisher, Cuban Link, Prospect, Armageddon, and Triple Seis, and the record, simply titled "Terror Squad: The Album" sports a guest list that includes Buju Banton, Tony Sunshine, Keith Nut, and the Bleach Brothers.

Big Pun, the first member of the squad to go platinum on his own (for his solo debut, "Capital Punishment"), told the MTV Radio Network that he's glad that the rest of the "T-Squad" are getting a chance to show their stuff on their first release as a group.

"It's exciting to me, you know what I mean, 'cause this is what I'm waiting for," Big Pun said. "I'm tired of being by myself out there trying to hold it down, you know? The whole T-Squad is just as talented as I am, and now they can lighten the load on me, you

know, make me some money out there off some shows. I can't wait." [RealAudio]

The first single from the album was "Whatcha Gon Do?" which mainly spotlighted Big Pun's vocal prowess; however, the latest single, "Tell Me What U Want" sees Fat Joe, Armageddon, Cuban Link, and Tony Sunshine dropping verses.