Big Punisher Suffers Fatal Heart Attack

Rapper Big Punisher, currently heard on Jennifer Lopez' "Feelin' So Good" single, suffered a heart attack and was pronounced dead Monday afternoon at the age of 28.

A hospital spokesperson declined to discuss details of the rapper's condition, and told MTV News that Big Pun (real name Christopher Rios) was dead on arrival at the hospital at approximately 4 p.m. (ET) Monday afternoon.

Rios is survived by a wife and three children.

"When a big guy could do something that skinny people can do, it's even more impressive. It looks even better," Pun told MTV News in 1998. " When you got a fat guy... it'll stand out even more. It's like, 'Wow, I didn't expect him...' Like when Joe'll rhyme and I'll come out people will think I'm his bouncer, and I'll be spittin' ... people are like 'Wow!'"

As his weight passed the 450-pound mark, Pun found it increasingly difficult to perform, or even to walk. Interviews had to be conducted at his home. Big Pun had been slated

to join Lopez and Fat Joe for a performance of "Feelin' So Good" on last weekend's edition of "Saturday Night Live," but he did not turn up on the show.

At the time of his death, the rapper was preparing to release his sophomore album, titled "Yeehah Baby," in April.