Big Pun Funeral, Viewing Set

A public viewing has been set for this week to give fans the opportunity to say good-bye to the late rapper Big Pun.

Pun, real name Christopher Rios, passed away on Monday afternoon at the age of 28 from an apparent heart attack (see "Big Punisher Suffers Fatal Heart Attack"). The Ortiz Funeral Home in the Bronx will open its doors to fans on Thursday evening and throughout the day Friday for the public viewing.

"We want all his fans to come out and behave orderly," Pun's friend and partner in hip-hop, Fat Joe, told MTV News. "Please come and pay your respects, but like I said, pay your respect. We do this respectfully, no 40s or all that type of stuff out there. If you want to come through to pay your respects, let's do it with some real pride. Let's do it in a real positive way. He would definitely want the whole town to come out and support

him." [RealVideo]

Spokespeople for Joe say there will likely also be a memorial service for fans in the Bronx in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, Pun is scheduled to be buried over the weekend in a private service.

No official cause of death has been released. Our sister site, SonicNet, reports that Pun's heart was damaged due to his massive weight, which reportedly neared 700 lbs. at the time of his death.