Better Than Ezra Discuss Ex-Drummer's Legal Suits

With Better Than Ezra currently on tour to help promote its just-released third major label album, "How Does Your Garden Grow?," the band is hoping to reprise the success of its 1995 record, "Deluxe," which spawned a pair of alternative hits, "Good" and "Rosealia."

The band is also hoping that the new album and the new year will bring an end to its long-running legal dispute with Ezra's original drummer -- who played on "Deluxe" -- Cary Bonnecaze.

Better Than Ezra has been embroiled in a series of lawsuits with Bonnecaze since he left the group in 1996 in what was then referred to "as an amicable parting." Studio drummer Travis Aaron McNabb was then tapped to replace Bonnecaze for the group's last record, "Friction Baby," and since then Better Than Ezra and Bonnecaze have been swapping suits and counter-suits regarding his departure in New Orleans courthouses for the past year.

The trio spoke with MTV News recently about the on-going lawsuits, which BTE's management

also declined to discuss, and while the members shied away from discussing particular aspects about the pending suits, the band did express its desire to have everything resolved with Bonnecaze soon.

"[The suit] has been going on for a while," said Ezra frontman Kevin Griffin, "and it's unfortunate when something like that goes on. We can't control it. When someone sues you, the bad thing is you have to defend yourself. So what do you do? It's just human nature and that's just the way of the society that we live in. So, that's how we view it and hopefully it will all be wrapped up by the middle of next year."

"It's a bit of a disgruntled thing," added bassist Tom Drummond.

"It's not a business [matter]," Griffin explained, "it's more like it was a divorce. So there's all these recriminations

and bitter things going on. But, y'know, there are two sides to every story." [28.8 RealVideo]

Better Than Ezra is scheduled to bring its horticultural rock to Boston on Thursday night.