Manson, Weiland, Wyclef, Beck Line Up For Dust Brothers

December 3 [10:00 EDT] -- John King and Mike Simpson, the production force known as the Dust Brothers, continue to add to their already impressive resumé with a list of collaborators that will soon include Marilyn Manson, Scott Weiland, Wyclef Jean, and Smash Mouth among others.

The duo, who made a name for themselves by producing such sonic landmarks as the Beastie Boys "Paul's Boutique" and Beck's "Odelay," have completed work on a few tracks on the next effort from Marilyn Manson, and will once again work with Beck on his next album.

The Brothers also recently collaborated with Stone Temple Pilots frontman Weiland on a song called "Desperation No. 5" for the upcoming modern day movie makeover of Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations." The song turns up in the movie, not on the actual soundtrack, which features the Dust-less Weiland tune, "Lady Your Roof Brings Me Down."

The duo also worked with the Fugees' Wyclef on "Homegrown," the title track for a movie

by Billy Bob Thornton, and they plan to record a song with Coolio for the soundtrack to the next Tamera Davis movie called "Half Baked" which will also include a Smash Mouth/Dust Brothers collaboration.

If that's not enough, King and Simpson are also teaming up with Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of the animated Comedy Central hit "South Park" for the soundtrack of a movie called "Orgasma" which King describes as "'Spinal Tap' porn meets kung fu."