Bauhaus Reform For L.A. Shows, New Compilation Due

Fifteen years after calling it quits, influential goth rock band Bauhaus plans to reunite for two shows at the Palladium in Los Angeles on July 10 and 11, and depending on how those shows fare, the band is considering pursuing a full tour.

The dark spirit of the Bauhaus did not die when the band broke up in 1983, but lived on in the solo career of frontman Peter Murphy, and in Tones on Tail and Love And Rockets, groups formed by members Daniel Ash, David J and Kevin Haskins.

MTV News spoke with David J recently, and the Bauhaus bassist said that the time just seemed right for the reunion and also discussed a recent rehearsal the band had with Peter Murphy.

"We did have a rehearsal to see if there was some magic still there about four weeks ago," J said, "and it definitely was there. It was really crackling [225k Audio] with it, actually."

"And it was very

exciting," he continued, "'cause we have so much more experience playing, as basically the nucleus of [Bauhaus] stayed together as Love And Rockets, so we can interplay with each other without having to think about it."

"And we can play those songs better than in the day," J said. "Peter's voice, I think, is really sonorous and richer than it's ever been. And when we got together, within 10 minutes we came up with something new." [352k Audio]

A Bauhaus double-album retrospective, entitled "Crackle," will be released on July 7, while a new Love And Rockets single "Resurrection Hex," from the band's upcoming album, "Lift," arrived in stores this week. The reformed Bauhaus will also be filming and recording the two L.A. concerts for possible release at a later date.